Important Notice 

14/12/2020 20H31

  • Rapid tests soon to be available pending approval

14/12/2020 15H00

  • Bookings for Maun swabbing office opens 15/12/2020 8 AM

14/12/2020 14h13

  • The Most asked Question what is the turnaround time ? due to high demand there can be delays , 24 to 36 hours realistically in some cases 48 hours . The labs are working around the clock to accommodate everyone when you book please make sure  you are on time.
  • Please book your Covid test for travel first , get your results,  thereafter make your travel arrangements.

14/12/2020 14h05

  • Due to high demand VIP service for home and office swabbing will be offline till all the backlog has been worked out

14/12/2020 13h09

  • Bookings for KB Mall walk in Services Has Opened

14/12/2020 11H32

  • Revocation of S.I. No 142 of 2020

14/12/2020 9H04

  • Swabbing office Maun is Located at Okavango Air Rescue Complex the Nurse in charge name is Kundai

14/12/2020 8H36

  • Please make your travel arrangements according to the availability of your COVID test results

14/12/2020 08H30

  • Bookings still closed
  • Projected extended operating hours for KB Mall CT Labs to cope with high volume

13/12/2020 11h30:

  • On the 11th of Dec 2020 the Botswana Government issued a maximum Covid charge which was lower than the reagent cost for the test, which has effectively shut down all the known private sector laboratories in the country. Talks are ongoing between the private sector and the government. Therefore until such time as this issue is resolved we are unable to take, or process, Covid tests.
  • This means that the bookings from 14th Dec 2020 onwards cannot be processed at this time. We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience and will post updates daily until the situation is resolved.

12/12/2020 21H00

  • Booking to open soon again
  • Please book your Covid test for travel first , get your results,  thereafter make your travel arrangements.
  • Test results time :
    • Normal turnaround time approximately 24 hours (PCR)
  • Online Bookings only.
  • Due to high load of telephone calls please avoid using telephones, the technical staff will attend to your requests as soon as the results come available .
  • Maun Assistance please Whatsapp +267 74 678 848 for result enquiries.
  • Gaborone Assistance please Whatsapp +267 72 732 700 for result enquiries.
  • Please be considerate , the teams are working around the clock to cope with the volumes.
  • Please note:  have your planning in place if you do not get the results that you expect .


Covid 19 Travel testing at Airports

Schedule a test & Manage your booking No Fuss – Available to all in Botswana – not only our Jet setters

Gaborone : +267 77408424 Rosco
Maun : +267 74678848 Kundai
During Office Hours Head Office :
+267 71628985
+267 72305570

Doctors Portal

If you need us to prepare a prescription for a patient and deliver it to them. Walk into the online world of the leading community pharmacy group in Botswana



Covid 19 Lockdown

If you need medical advice you can walk into which ever one of our pharmacies is near by.

Monday - Friday
Sebele , South , West and Kweneng
8.00 - 18.00
South , West , Kweneng & Sebele
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Sunday & Public Holidays
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Monday- Friday
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North , Maun & Kasane
8.00 - 14.00

Covid 19 Shopping orders

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Advice from the experts



We dispense medications, medical supplies and dental treatment. Our pharmacists will advise on medicines and give you medicine as prescribed by your doctor or physician.

Medicine Disposal

We offer medicine disposal this means that we will dispose of unwanted or out-of-date medicines. We believe in doing our part for the environment.

Flu vaccination service

Every winter we are all faced with the dreadful possibility of catching the common cold. Simple as it may sound it has the possibility to render a grown man useless.

Minor ailment service

We provide guidance on what medicine to take for minor illnesses, like skin irritations.

Pregnancy testing

We sell a variety of pregnancy tests that will help you confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

Stop Smoking

We have a variety of products that can assist you if you would like to kill that nicotine addiction.

Weight Gain/Loss

Our repository has a variety of supplements for both weight gain and weight loss. Speak to one of our pharmacists about which solution will work best for you.


We have been in the health care industry for 24 years and we have the best pharmacists in the land to ensure that you get the best help available.

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Diabetes will not slow you down. Get expert advice and save on supplies.

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Allergy support FAST

we understand that allergies can ruin your day and they can put you in grave danger. Get allergy support quickly. It could be the difference between life and death.

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We are always there to assist.
Call us on
Pharma South, Gaborone +267 3906688
Pharma West, Game City +267 3910870
Sebele Pharmacy, Gaborone +267 3951569
Pharma Maun, Maun +267 6862298
Pharma North, Francistown +267 2410877
Pharma Africa, Kasane +267 6251492
Pharma Kweneng, Gaborone +267 3960005
Admin& Marketing Gaborone +267 3959930

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